RELATION relayTalk Project

What is the Relation relayTalk Project?

The Great East Japan earthquake occurred at 14:46 on March 11th 2011. The magnitude 9.0 quake was the largest to have hit Japan since records began, and caused serious damage mainly to the Tohoku region, claiming many victims, and sending shockwaves across the country.


The Relation relayTalk Project, or RTP, was established based on the idea that it is important to offer those in the affected areas a place to explain from various perspectives what is happening now, what they did, and how they felt.


The project will run for at least 2 years. Every one or two months, guests will be invited to speak, at talk events (conversations or interviews in public). As time passes, the disaster will be mentioned less and less in the media, and we would like our guests to explain the current situation in the affected areas and how those living in the Tokyo area can help with the recovery efforts. We will also use this website to report on our events and post any articles written about them.


The project isn’t about simply listening. By asking the guests questions and conveying opinions, the audience can learn more about the guests’ experiences from a different and unexpected angle. The events are live. We welcome all those who are interested and who have time to attend one of our talks. RTP is a place to obtain more information about the earthquake and affected areas that might not otherwise be covered in the Tokyo media. It is also a place to forge connections.


Relation relayTalk Project Main representative: Ms Ikuko Noda